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Ladies - I absolutely LOVED these guys. The photography package included an engagement shoot (which is great for getting to know your photographer). And, though I wouldn't have thought about it before hand it is BRILLIANT to tie your DJ, Video and photography all together. They know what's going on. They have a process and they know how to work together and everything went SO smoothly! There were no times when the DJ did something the photographer wasn't ready for or when the photographer walked through the video shot.

Also, they were absolutely fantastic to work with before and during the event. They were professional, took every shot I asked for and some gorgeous ones I hadn't even begun to think about.

The DJ was awesome. My goal was to have a fun wedding and reception and the DJ did a fantastic job keeping the party moving. You can be as involved or hands off as you want to be. We had guests that were literally aged newborn to 99 and everyone had a fantastic time. There was something for everyone. I would change NOT ONE THING about my wedding or my reception. And I would recommend ABC, Music, Video and Photography to anyone.

Wedding: 07/06/2013

Services Used: DJ, Photography, Videography Reviewed On: 07/11/2013

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