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We can provide a portable studio (Open Air Photo Booth) with a 12 ft wide x 10 ft high backdrop and professional studio lighting.

We get a much higher quality image. We can get a larger group of your guests in the photo at the same time than a traditional Photo Booth. We can also provide props to make the experience much more fun.


Besides our regular backdrops we can also provide a greenscreen back drop. This will allow us to not only change out the background as we shoot but also add a frame/border to the photo with names or company logo before printing the photo.

This Open Air Photo Booth is included at no charge with our wedding packages. After your wedding is over, your guests can access the photos from your online photo gallery.

As an option, for a small additional fee, much less than a traditional Photo Booth companies, we can print 4x6 or 5x7 images for your guests to take home with them


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