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Denver Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographer Denver Colorado

If you are interested in photographers in Denver to record your wedding day, explore our portfolio where you'll see what we've done with this style in a range of popular wedding venues throughout Colorado. Photographer styles vary within this genre, but basically, photojournalism is an artistic, documentary style that's gaining popularity among wedding photographers worldwide.
Candid shots, creative approaches, and more natural effects are common in photojournalism. If you're looking for a photojournalist in Denver, photographer experience and client customization at ABC substantiates and enhances this approach. If you have questions after viewing the slideshows on the site, contact us. We'd be happy to discuss this approach with you.

Colorado Photography, Then and Now

Before the mid-20th century, weddings weren't photographed regularly. This was because before the advent of the 35mm camera, the flash, and the roll of film, it was usually only practical to schedule portraits in a studio. Cameras back then were too unwieldy, and lighting was not easily carted from here to there. Before the welcome advances of handheld cameras with lighting systems attachable, brides and their grooms had only their memories to keep safe the events of their wedding day.

Things have changed. Not only does the lucky couple have an ever-expanding range of recording options, they also have at their disposal professionals offering classic, artistic, and photojournalistic styles of capturing the wedding day's events.

Here in Denver, photographer passion is exceeded only by experience and focus on what you want for your day. If you're looking for a professional in this part of Colorado, photography services are here for you.


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